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ScoglieraViva. Sculpting the Sea.

An open-air museum to visit 365 days a year!

The long-awaited appointment with sculpture, sun and sea is back! As a matter of fact, this year the biennial international outdoor sculpture prize ScoglieraViva will take place in Caorle, a well-known historic town overlooking the Adriatic sea. Three artists will work for 10 days (from 21st to 30th June 2018), under the eyes of citizens, tourists and visitors, to transform the rocks of the breakwater cliff into real works of art! The names of the 3 sculptors, selected by a jury of experts, were announced on the afternoon of Friday, June 1st:
1. Markus Wüste (Germany). Work: An air mattress sculpted in original size that follows the shape of the rock like it follows the waves in the sea.
2. Federico Ellade Peruzzotti (Italy). Work: A “restoration” project of the Euganean trachyte that will transform the stone from natural to artificial, making it clear that there was a human intervention.
3. Sangam Vankhade (India). Work: A miniature version of an Indian heritage site to preserve its memory, attempting to bring out the neglect these sites suffer at the hands of urbanization.

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